Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Creating a Big Kid's Room

When starting out to plan your "big kid's room" some creative thinking and putting a plan into place is imperative. Great furniture and added key accessories are the tools you'll need to keep your kid's spaces organized, neat, and attractive. Their room has to feel like "their" room, not yours and it also has to be a place where they want to invite friends in and "hang out".

Furniture: Check out the basics. Are there any pieces you currently have that could be painted to fit your decor plan? How about changing out some pull handles? Remember, the more storage they have, the cleaner it will stay. Desks are a must for your growing child's room which can simply be a table with storage shelves hung above. Don't forget to showcase their collectibles.

Storage: Storage bins, baskets, hat boxes and buckets are readily available. If everything has it's place, pick up is a breeze. Coordinate your storage items with your theme. If its a nautical theme - try beach pails. If you are decorating for a teen girl, try coordinating hat boxes. Don't forget a photo box for their pictures too!

Paint: Probably the most important element in your child's room. You can accent just one wall to make a bold statement. You can install a chair rail and paint upper and lower levels coordinating colors to create a faux wainscot effect. Engage your child in choosing the color. Don't forget, it can always be repainted at a later date. If their choice is not to your liking, compromise on a color from the same palette.

Bedding: Nothing ties the entire theme together more than bedding. Pottery Barn Kids has so much to choose from. From plaids to polka dots, football to trucks - they have it all. Make sure you choose something your child can continue to grow with throughout their teenage years. This may be the time to upgrade to a full size bed for the future when choosing your bed and bedding. Have fun and don't skimp. Remember to purchase whats needed for the changing seasons.

Accessories: Not having accessories to highlight color and theme is like cleaning your room but not making your bed. Wall art, decorative pillows, matching lamps, you can never have enough. Try to remember a cork board or memory board for their room. All teens like to display photos of friends and other memorable items. In my own son's room I have a pegboard 3/4 of the way up the wall surrounding his room with a shelf on top. It has taken him from nursery days to teen. What once displayed toys and hung a diaper bag, now displays trophies and baseball hats.
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